Yes, Listen to This Man, He Knows What He’s Talking About

Senator Lindsey Graham (AP)

Senator Lindsey Graham (AP)

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Benghazi) admits that there’s no way his 20-week abortion ban will become law, but he believes this battle is worth fighting because the public is on their side.

“The goal is to have a vote in 2014, to make sure we vote on it,” Graham said of his bill in an interview with National Review’s Robert Costa. “It’s worth having this debate. The more people understand what we’re trying to do, the more public support will grow over time.”

“Due to the Democrats’ control of the Senate, it’ll be tough to get a majority,” Graham added. “But we should push for a vote.”

Graham is, of course, completely wrong — it’s been lass than two days since Ken Cuccinelli’s Ban on Blowjobs campaign was defeated — but I encourage everyone to heed his advice and make it clear what the Republicans are trying to do.

They want to ban abortion, they won’t allow a vote to pass ENDA, they won’t allow a vote to pass immigration reform, and they won’t allow a vote to replace sequestration. They also caused the GOP Government Shutdown and voted to cut food stamps by $40 billion.

If Lindsey Graham wants to turn the 2014 election into a referendum on social issues, he won’t get any argument from me. Poll after poll shows the general public is not on their side.

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  • muselet

    The more people understand what we’re trying to do, the more public support will grow over time.

    Is this delusion or whistling past the graveyard?


    • Christopher Foxx

      Yeah, that worked real well for them on the recent shutdown. Support for that just grew and grew the longer it went on.

  • Christopher Foxx

    The goal is to have a vote in 2014, to make sure we vote on it

    Because lawmakers sole purpose is to vote on stuff. And it’s far easier to vote on pointless things than actually craft, y’know, actual laws.

  • D_C_Wilson

    Of course, this is really LIndsey’s latest stunt to convince the teabaggers not to primary him. But it really shows how disconnected the right is from reality. They tried to make the VA election a referendum on Obamacare and now they’re trying to spin it as a major win for them because Cuccinellii did not lose by as big a margin as some people predicted.

    • nathkatun7

      No matter how much fake issues Lindsey Graham tries to invent to endear him to the right wingers, the tea baggers will still primary his ass! They just don’t trust him. For Lindsey, to be able to win in SC, he will need the blessings of former Senator, Jim Demented, currently the head the Heritage Foundation.

      • bbcaaat

        Let them grease the slide in to oblivion, we need to vote in republican primaries to be sure the most wacked out rightie gets the nod. Remember Limbaugh’s “operation chaos”? Turn about fair play. Register as a republican!

  • bbcaaat

    It’s obvious that elections and public opinion doesn’t matter. Please proceed Mr. Graham.

    • D_C_Wilson

      Actually, they do matter. Lindsey is scrambling to avoid losing a primary election to an even more craven teabagger. That’s how elections are important. They motive republicans to focus on pointless gestures in order to save their asses.