Republicans End ‘De-fund Obamacare’ Movement


“If the U.S. government shuts down again in mid-January, it won’t be because House Republicans are demanding the repeal of the president’s health care law, in a repeat of the standoff that occurred earlier this fall,” the Huffington Post reports.

Said a senior House GOP aide: “There are no plans to tie a repeal vote to a government funding bill.”

Still, we live in an era when they actually have to make a pledge to not doing something this screwy.

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  • D_C_Wilson

    Uh-oh. I’d hate to be the staffer who had to break the news to Ted Cruz.

    But this probably means they are cooking up an entirely new reason to shut down the government because otherwise, that would demonstrate that they are capable of learning from experience. We all know that’s never going to happen.

  • Ned F

    It’s because the barrage of law suits are now ready to be filed. They will never stop going after the ACA.

    • Churchlady320

      There is not a lot they can do. Even if – heaven forefend – SCOTUS rules to violate the Civil Rights Act by letting faux religious and corporate entities bar birth control, the whole of the measure has already been found legal. They think they can do to it what they are trying to do to abortion and scrape so much from it it will die. I don’t see it working on health care and not as much as they wish on abortion.

      • Sean Richardson

        At some point, they’re going to dig themselves too deep on the contraception thing. Even most Republicans, men or women, don’t actually agree with what they’re putting out there, let alone anybody who hasn’t already drunk the Kool-Aid.

  • Churchlady320

    Instead they are marching through the nation setting up phony sites (e.g. the one online by the GOP Assembly Caucus in CA) to lead people away from state and federal enrollment sites. Cute.

  • LTanya Spearman

    It’s crazy seeing all the on air political talent so deflated, while they wait for GOPTP give them their new talking points. But the information coming out about the ACA reflect everything the PBO have said about it. Now today’s latest news is that ACA projected estimate cost is cheater than what CBO originally estimated; by noon yesterday 375K visitors hit the federal website — by 5:30pm last evening rep. Wasserman Shultz tweeted, “As promised! high volume — 750K visitors, no queuing now, site fast w/ low error rate”. Then as on point, this morning their reporting 1 million visitors to site no problems..
    Now they’re (TV pundits) complaining about the back end function which concern the insurer and the exchange — transfer of customer plan info. between exchange & Insurance Co..
    But they quick to point to WaPo & NYT the insurers claiming problems with the website –
    behind the complaints is Karen M. Ignagni, Pres. of Health Insurance Industry super lobby, America’s Health Plans (AHIP) — they spent $9,340,000 in 2012, and $6,790,000 thus far in 2013 lobby against the ACA..

  • Christopher Foxx

    Said a senior House GOP aide: “There are no plans to tie a repeal vote to a government funding bill.”

    “We’ll just hold repeal votes on their own,” he continued. “It’s what we do. We call it ‘legislating’.”

    • nicole

      Glad you posted that, because I was gonna say………….
      not tying it to another bill does not mean that they have “ended their campaign to de-fund Obamacare”

  • Nefercat

    “Said a senior House GOP aide: “There are no plans to tie a repeal vote to a government funding bill.””

    Well, based on the latest rancid rwnj wackaloon bowel gurglings I’ve seen smeared around the internet, the government funding bill will likely be tied to a demand that the Obamas produce the long form of Sasha and Malia’s birth certificates, as well as all obstetrical records related to Michelle’s alleged pregnancies and deliveries.

    Evil bastards. They seem to be focusing more attention on the girls lately.

    • Zen Diesel

      “rancid rwnj wackaloon bowel gurglings” is the most epic thing I have heard today. It definitely tops my calling them “primitive fake outrage screech monkeys.”

  • mdblanche

    Sure, they say that now. Maybe they even mean it. But when the time comes will they really be able to help themselves?