The Most Vile and Racist Commenter Reactions to Mandela’s Death

While reading various articles about the life and passing of Nelson Mandela, curiosity got the best of me and I perused various right-wing blogs. The majority of the comments at Town Hall, Glenn Beck’s The Blaze and, of course, were predictably awful.

Within an hour or so of the man’s death, these commenters simply couldn’t restrain themselves and took to their overworked spittle-smeared keyboards to anonymously trash the legacy and personal character of this transformational, historic leader.

We begin with Town Hall where “Ken2896″ can’t figure out what Mandela did that was so great.


Below, commenter “deleeuw” reflected a common theme among many commenters: Mandela was somehow a terrorist. And “Jack42″ brings us the inevitable “distraction from Obamacare” meme… [CONTINUE READING]

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  • roxsteady1

    These people are a disgrace. I’ll spare you the thoughts and wishes I have for people like them on a daily basis except to say that those thoughts are equaly vile. Lets just say that it’s a good thing that wishing something awful would happen to someone doesn’t actually work. If it did, there would be a trail of rightwing stiffs for me to step over!