An Embarrassment of Riches, Also Great Candidates

Here’s Colbert on Fox News, Hilary Clinton, and the GOP hopefuls.

The Republicans have an embarrassment of riches. Also, a lot of great candidates. For instance, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal. I canot say enough great things about this guy so I will not start.

Then there’s Senator Rand Paul. Many have called him constitutionally eligible to run for office.

John McCain is a best case scenario.

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  • Christopher Foxx

    John McCain, 72
    Robert Dole, 73
    Ronald Reagan, 73

    Last 10 elections:
    Avg age of Republican candidates: 66 (range: 54-73)
    Avg age of Democratic candidates: 52 (range: 44-60)

    Like every other “concern” Republicans have, it’s only a concern when it’s a Democrat.