Breaking Guess

Just in — Obama to blame

Wolf's next guest

Artist – Bruce Plante

In other news, Boss Limbaugh disagrees with his minions in the House of Representatives. He says we don’t need a women’s history museum because women belong at the mall or at the brothel. Ha! Get it? Nah, fuck you, Rush.

Meanwhile, Westboro Baptist Cult founder Fred Phelps has died at the age of 84. May he rest in hell if there is such a thing.

And since today is a special day, here’s a bonus cartoon by Paul Berge.


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  • 1933john

    I listened to Wolf Blizzard a couple of times
    during the First Gulf War, and I thought,
    after due consideration for about a few
    minutes, “This guy is full of his own shit,

  • nellcote

    “Breaking Guess” LOL