Family Values: Quarantine Immigrant Children Like “The Lepers”

Anti-immigrant activist and all-around terrible person Sandy Rios declared on her American Family Radio program that we should quarantine the undocumented children coming across the border just like we used to quarantine lepers.

Apparently there’s nothing wrong with “wanting to separate your children” which in this case means someone else’s children.

Rios suggested that the child refugees should be quarantined like lepers used to be. “I think of biblical times, the lepers were separated — right or wrong — they were separated,” she said. “It was understood that leprosy was so contagious. So there’s nothing wrong with wanting to separate your children. We used to quarantine people when they had diseases.

“We’re such a healthy people that we’ve forgotten what it’s like to be diseased and die from those diseases in huge numbers,” she said, “but we’re going to learn, I think, again.”

As we’ve pointed out several times over the past few days, it’s entirely possible that the average undocumented child coming across the border is in better general health than an average American child. The immigrant children come from nations with universal healthcare where vaccinations are provided to everyone free of charge.

Furthermore, the children will remain in the care of the Department of Health and Human Services until they are either deported or granted asylum.

An outbreak of disease from these children is less likely than your chances of contracting a disease during your next trip to the salad bar or your favorite fast food restaurant.

The Anti-Immigrant Racist Freakout of 2014 shows so signs abating. This freakout has been propelled foward and incited by sitting Republican congressmen, congressional candidates, mayors, governors, and local sheriffs; each with their own variations of anti-immigrant conspiracy theories and doomsday predictions.

This isn’t isolated, fringe sentiment. The Republican party is the party of Steve King on immigration.

Comprehensive immigration reform will not pass until a Democratic majority has control of both houses of Congress or until the Republican party is purged of racists and those who pander to racists.

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  • muselet

    What Sandy Rios seems to be saying, without coming right out and saying it, is that she’s terrified that being brown is contagious. The palaver about diseases and lice and such is just window dressing.


  • gescove

    The overt racism and abject cruelty of today’s conservatives is breathtaking.

    • Christopher Foxx

      Add to both of those the opportunism. Many of the folks spouting out this venom are seeing a band wagon they want to jump on. They see beating up on children as something that will help let them sit at the cool kids table.

      More Republican-style “leadership”.

  • FlipYrWhig

    This “disease” thing is mind-blowing.

  • bphoon

    Comprehensive immigration reform will not pass until a Democratic
    majority has control of both houses of Congress or until the Republican
    party is purged of racists and those who pander to racists.

    It’ll be easier for the Democrats to take control of both houses of Congress, I fear.

  • HilaryB

    I am so tired of these people using the Bible to justify their prejudices.

  • aynwrong

    Has anyone else noticed that any time a conservative works for an organization that has the word “family” in the title that conservative is concerned with just about anything other than family?

  • JohnC80

    Because of gerrymander districts Republicans are in a tight spot, pander to their white racist base and they’re getting no more than 24% of the Latino vote. Show a little compassion for these kids and the bigots will revolt against them. I rather take a short-term loss of angry conservative men voters and be a national party than pander to these yahoos and become a truly regional party where the only people getting elected are from these dust ball backward conservative districts in the deep south and the rural midwest.