Frivolous Lawsuits

August 3, 2014

Artist – Adam Zyglis

In other news, a new law came into effect in Russia yesterday that forces social media users and bloggers with more than 3,000 daily readers to register with state regulators. The law also requires that data be stored inside Russia so the government can access it at any time.

It’s a land of liberty.

Meanwhile, Saint Greenwald says he will not cooperate with a German investigation into the NSA unless they will give Edward Snowden his moment to shine. Principles, people.

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  • Scopedog

    Ah, Glenn….it’s still all about him. He still wants the world to bow down before him, like he’s General Zod.

    In terms of the new Internet laws in Russia–big surprise. Of course, not a peep from Snowden or the Snowdenistas or those who’ve got their tongue up Putin’s crack…but I guess we’ll hear rationalizations from them soon.