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The Onion: Democrats are Cowering Sacks of Shit

Oh yes. This made me laugh the laugh of all laughs. And then… I cried the cry of all cries. Continue reading
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Chris Christie: The Next Democratic President

Stop it, people. He’s not your friend! A new Public Policy Polling survey shows New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrisitie (R) is now actually more popular with Democrats nationally than he is with Republicans. Christie’s overall favorability is 51% to 23%, … Continue reading

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Civil Rights and the History of Party Platforms. And Ann Coulter.

My rather long Monday column covers the ideological and platform shifts of the parties from 1860 to present day, and how Republicans like Ann Coulter and Glenn Beck are lying about it. While I was reviewing some of my Civil … Continue reading

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Your Tuesday Night Convention Highlights

Here are some notable events to watch for tonight. Full schedule here. 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM (LOCAL) Platform Video and Remarks The Honorable Cory A. Booker Mayor of Newark, New Jersey Remarks The Honorable Bev Perdue Governor of North … Continue reading

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Democrats on the Wrong Side of the Internet

If the Democrats aren’t careful, the Republicans are going to become the party of internet freedom. The only thing keeping this from happening is net neutrality which Democrats continue to support while Republicans are pushing for a corporate takeover of … Continue reading

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'Liberals Are Incapable of Feeling Satisfied'

Jonathan Chait wrote a brilliant editorial for the New York magazine about liberal dissatisfaction with the president. Other than the headline, it’s impossible to pull a single quote of from the piece (but I’ll try), so you’ll have to take … Continue reading

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Republicans Tank in New CNN Poll

Via Steve Benen, CNN’s latest poll shows decent news for Democrats — but only because the Republicans and tea party performed so poorly in the numbers. A lot of that anger seems directed toward the GOP. According to the survey, … Continue reading

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GOP Now Rated AA-

A new CNN poll out today shows the Republicans’ have achieved the highest disapproval rating in twenty years. The Democratic Party is getting a split on approval/disapproval at 47 – 47, but the Republican Party disapproval rating is all the … Continue reading

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Shocker: Tea Party Outfought Democrats

Why doesn’t this surprise me? A telephone poll by the Pew Research Center for People and Press found that Republicans and Tea Party-affiliated respondents both paid more attention to the debt negotiations and were more likely to take action to … Continue reading

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Your Hair Is Not On Fire

According to numerous reports, President Obama, the Democrats, and Republican leadership have reached a tentative framework for what the final debt-ceiling deal will look like. There’s so much spin flying around right now on both ends of the spectrum, I … Continue reading

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From The Jaws Of Victory

Following yesterday’s revelation that 552,462 individuals donated to President Obama’s re-election campaign during the first quarter, shattering records previously set by the president in 2008, new polls out today reiterate the fact that the “the base” has not abandoned the … Continue reading

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Chart of the Day

Grownups versus children. Grownups negotiate and reach mutually equitable compromises. Children stomp and hold their breath and throw tantrums until they get exactly what they want. Via Kevin Drum:

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Dems Propose Temporary Debt Ceiling Increase

President Obama and the Democrats are trying to cut a deal for a temporary increase of the debt ceiling. (Reuters) – President Barack Obama and Senate Democrats are weighing a scaled-back U.S. budget deal that would avert a looming default … Continue reading

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Paul Ryan’s Path to Poverty By District

House Democrats have released a very powerful tool for use not only in upcoming elections, but also for anyone who seeks to spread the gospel of Paul Ryan. House Democrats have broken down the massive changes to Medicare and Medicaid … Continue reading

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Liberal Democrats: Strong on National Security

Last night’s “Rewrite” by Lawrence O’Donnell was a keeper. The Republicans have been running around like frightened Barney Fife types with loaded guns and a googly-eyed, jittery, cowardly posture. Terrified . But President Obama, who they insisted was a weak, … Continue reading

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The President's Deficit Reduction Plan

Here are the highlights via TPM: _A debt failsafe that will be triggered if the debt-to-GDP ratio hasn’t stabilized, and begun to decline by mid-decade. This will include automatic spending cuts, and reductions in tax subsidies, but no tax increases. … Continue reading

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Medicare Appears to Be Safe

All of the progressive freakouts about “Medicare being on the table” prior to the president’s speech today were, once again, a series of emo kneejerk overreactions. On Medicare, the president’s vision is similarly broad. Obama rules out a voucher system … Continue reading

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Making the Rich Pay for Their Austerity

Beyond the Republicans who only care about budget cuts when Democrats control the White House, the only people who are feverishly pushing for austerity measures are Very Serious media people and DC elites who happen to be very wealthy. Thankfully, … Continue reading

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Historic Ditch-Driving

Ezra Klein on President Obama’s pitch for the budget deal: Obama bragged about “making the largest annual spending cut in our history.” Harry Reid joined him, repeatedly calling the cuts “historic.” It fell to Boehner to give a clipped, businesslike … Continue reading

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Reviving an Old Refrain

There’s just no way the Republicans come out on top in all of this. The president is too smart and reasonable, and so the Republicans look like foot-stomping, tantrum-throwing children. Notice the language. Boehner keeps saying “no, no, no.” Simultaneously, … Continue reading

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