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Republican Outreach

The National Review, a cornerstone of GOP “thinking,” explains why going along with immigration reform is, in a word, pointless. And, if we are to take Hispanics at their word, conservative attitudes toward illegal immigration are a minor reason for … Continue reading

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Ohio Will Not Rig The Electoral College

Good news — Ohio’s top lawmakers said today that they do not support plans to alter the state’s winner-takes-all approach to the electoral college, much to the ire of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus who loves the idea. COLUMBUS, Ohio — … Continue reading

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Some Positive Developments in Virginia Electoral Theft

Two Virginia Republicans have come out against the bill. Jill Vogel of Fauquier County and Ralph Smith of Bedford County: Smith said this morning that he opposes the legislation, calling it “a bad idea.” Smith sits on the Senate Privileges … Continue reading

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Best Persons

Mark your calendar. A Republican is today’s best person. The Speaker of the Florida House, Will Weatherford, has come out against the GOP plan to gerrymander the electoral college. “To me, that’s like saying in a football game, ‘We should … Continue reading

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Eric Holder Supports National Voting Standards

I love this: Attorney General Eric Holder said during a speech on Tuesday night at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library that it’s time to consider setting national standards for how elections should be handled. “A recent study by the … Continue reading

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The Federal Government Needs to Take Over Elections

My Wednesday column is about an idea that Republicans will totally hate. This probably won’t go over very well in the southern states where the whiny, pouty threat of secession has been revived yet again, but the federal government needs … Continue reading

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The Most Honest Political Commercial Ever

As heard on this week’s Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show:

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Wisconsin GOP Loses Majority

Today brings very good news for the citizens of Wisconsin. Following the resignation of State Senator Pam Galloway, who was headed for a recall election, the Republican party will no longer hold a majority in the state senate. Wisconsin state … Continue reading

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Rampant Voter Fraud!

Well, not really. However, the state of Indiana has uncovered one such case, and it involves the Republican Secretary of State. The person who is directly responsible for overseeing elections. Republican Charlie White is out as secretary state and Democrat … Continue reading

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Colbert Nails Republican Voter ID Laws

“It takes years of soul-crushing disappointment to be dead enough inside to elect someone like William O’Brien.”

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Why Does Mitch McConnell Hate America?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has a problem with the constitution and democracy. The time has come for a balanced budget amendment that forces Washington to balance its books. If these debt negotiations have convinced us of anything, it’s that … Continue reading

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Republican Filibuster of the Day

Today they filibustered the DISCLOSE Act… The DISCLOSE Act would require corporations and interest groups to identify themselves when they sponsor political ads and, in the case of smaller organizations, to reveal their donors. Yep. The Republicans want to make … Continue reading

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Citizens United v. Everyone

I have no idea if this is good news or bad news. The opinion on the case brought by the conservative advocacy group Citizens United is overdue and today was pushed back by at least another week. If, in fact, … Continue reading

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