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Fox News Exec Told Producers Not to Talk About Sandy Hook

This is both horrendous and smart: According to sources, David Clark, the executive producer in charge of Fox’s weekend coverage, gave producers instructions not to talk about gun-control policy on air… The directive created a rift inside the network… During … Continue reading

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Quote of the Morning

Terrible news today. When will politicians find courage to ban automatic weapons?As in Oz after similar tragedy. — Rupert Murdoch(@rupertmurdoch) December 15, 2012 Holy hell. Well, maybe if Fox News stopped acting like a subsidiary of the NRA, maybe that’d … Continue reading

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Fox News is Back on the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ Thing

Their priorities are totally in order. GRETCHEN CARLSON: It’s all pray and no play. The controversial Ground Zero Mosque was supposed to be a cultural center, but it turns out it’s now an empty space with no community programs. Dozens … Continue reading

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‘The Five’ Continues to Be the Worst Thing on Television

For example: On Fox News’ “The Five,” the hosts argued the opposite, suggesting that if women in domestic violence situations were armed, they’d be able to protect themselves better. Perino, the former White House press secretary, offered a slightly different … Continue reading

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Rove and Dick Morris Off Fox News. For Now.

Even though it’s only temporary, America will be that much better off. According to multiple Fox sources, Ailes has issued a new directive to his staff: He wants the faces associated with the election off the air — for now. … Continue reading

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MSNBC and the Well-Known Liberal Media Bias

My Tuesday column hits some familiar territory… Last week, Michael Calderone of The Huffington Post published an extensive item on MSNBC’s alleged pro-Obama, pro-Democratic Party bias, as well as network president Phil Griffin’s defensiveness about the conventional wisdom’s perception of … Continue reading

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Bill O’Reilly’s Racist Tirade

Stormfront might have a new spokesman. Or the same spokesman with renewed anger and hatred. “The white establishment is now the minority,” he added. “The voters, many of them, feel this economic system is stacked against them and they want … Continue reading

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Karl Rove Loses Shpadoinkle, Challenges Fox News

In case you missed it last night, shortly after Fox News called Ohio and the election for the president, Karl Rove engaged in a math jihad against the network insisting that it called the election too soon. What ensued was … Continue reading

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General Keane Debunks Ridiculous Benghazi Conspiracy

First of all, Bolling doesn’t know what the hell he’s talking about. Two of the four Americans, Doherty and Woods, were killed by mortar fire at the CIA Annex after the rest of the consulate staff had been evacuated by … Continue reading

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Geraldo Destroys Bolling on Benghazi

Presented without comment. Okay one comment: holy shitballs. (via Chez)

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Fox News Quote of the Morning

“It was almost uncontrollable laugher — laughter. Almost unhinged. Rude, condescending, mean at times. Interruptive… I’m not sure how this plays with the American people to be that rude and to be vice president, and at time it was so … Continue reading

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Super Stupid

Jim DeMint on PBS funding (link goes to Tucker Carlson’s rag): “Sesame Street is a multi-million dollar enterprise and cookie monster will eat just fine without taxpayer subsidies.” Fox News Channel’s talking Monchichi Bret Baier reported that Sesame Street is … Continue reading

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The Top 10 Most Ridiculous Things About the Tucker Carlson Video

By now I’m sure you’re aware of the “game changing” video that Drudge, Fox News and Tucker Carlson released of President Obama which Carlson claims “disqualifies” the president from winning re-election. It’s actually a video that’s been out there since … Continue reading

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Fox News: In the Tank for Obama

Fox & Friends, and much of the wingnutosphere, thinks the polls are rigged to support President Obama. Parroting the latest Republican meme that national polls oversample Democrats, host Steve Doocy threw in to the mix the possibility that pollsters are … Continue reading

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When a Bullshit Artist Calls Fox News on Its Bullshit

Greg Gutfeld, of all people, just couldn’t stand to let Eric Bolling deliver a heaping pile of nonsense in the form of an unsourced rumor on The Five. This is kind of amazing, given Gutfeld’s status as a world class … Continue reading

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The Greatest Fox & Friends Clip Ever

Gretchen Carlson and the Fox & Friends crew were pranked by a kid who claimed he voted for President Obama in 2008 but is voting for Romney this year. Just watch… I love the fact that Fox & Friends was … Continue reading

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Quote of the Week

“On the other hand, to anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to facts, Ryan’s speech was an apparent attempt to set the world record for the greatest number of blatant lies and misrepresentations slipped into a single political speech. … Continue reading

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Worst Persons in the World

Fox News Channel, who outed the real name of the Navy SEAL Team Six soldier who wrote a book about the raid that killed Osama Bin Laden. And now, this has happened: Users on several militant Islamic websites affiliated with … Continue reading

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This Will Totally Fire You Up x 1000

Okay, so I don’t normally pay attention to Hannity because he’s not only way too easy to debunk, he’s also nothing more than a GOP memo parrot. Oh, and I’ve heard he’s faking it — that he’s just doing an … Continue reading

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Worst Persons in the World

These Fox News Channel idiots for questioning Gabby Douglas’ patriotism. On last week’s “America Live,” guest-host Alisyn Camerota discussed how “some folks” noticed that the “famous flag-styled outfits” of Olympics past were replaced by “yellow shirts, grey track suits and … Continue reading

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