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Running With Scissors

I feel conflicted because, on one hand, this woman is dead and that’s terrible, but on the other hand, well, just read this: St. Louis (CNN) — A woman appears to have accidentally fatally shot herself in the head with … Continue reading

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Skeet Shooting Truthers Doubt Skeet Shooting Photo

By now we’re familiar with the story. The president said he’s gone skeet shooting occasionally at Camp David. Issue closed. Ignore the Skeet Shooting Truthers who demanded that he prove it. Instead, the White House awkwardly released an August 2012 … Continue reading

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‘Good Guys With Guns’ Will Not Stop Gun Massacres

My Monday column begins like so: On HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher this weekend there was an extended and heated debate about gun control. The participants included Newark, NJ mayor Cory Booker and author Sam Harris, who, in case … Continue reading

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More NRA Myths Debunked

Mother Jones has a comprehensive list of myths and subsequent debunkery. Some highlights: Myth #4: More good guys with guns can stop rampaging bad guys. Fact-check: Mass shootings stopped by armed civilians in the past 30 years: 0 • Chances … Continue reading

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Quote of the Morning

“That’s the way reductions in liberty occur. When you start saying people all have to sign up for something, and they have a database where they know exactly who’s who, and where government can persecute people because of the database, … Continue reading

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David Mamet’s Latest Far-Right Screed

By now you might’ve seen David Mamet’s pro-gun screed in Newsweek in which he basically assembled every NRA bumper sticker into essay form. It’s just as wingnutty as everything else he’s written since he strangely transformed from a far-left liberal … Continue reading

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Senator Claims Video Games Are More Dangerous Than Guns

Senator Lamar Alexander thinks video games are to blame for all of the mass shootings in America. He’s wrong, of course. Multiple studies have shown no evidence of a connection between gunmen in mass shootings and video games. Jamil Smith … Continue reading

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A Not So Good Guy With a Gun

I agree with Josh Marshall. This is one of the most tragic gun stories I’ve read since Sandy Hook. And it’s all about a man who thought he was one of those “good guys with a gun” the NRA has … Continue reading

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Here Comes the Skeet Shooting Truthers

My Wednesday column: Way back in mid-August of 2006, President Bush was dealing with two ground wars; crises in Israel and Lebanon; a midterm election; a housing market on the verge of collapse; the forthcoming hurricane season (Katrina was just … Continue reading

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Worst Persons in the World

The NRA radicals who heckled Neil Heslin, the father of a 6-year-old Sandy Hook victim. Disgusting. So the NRA freaks are engaging in Westboro Baptist Church behavior now? This is Heslin’s son, Jesse Lewis. Jesse’s teacher was Victoria Soto, who … Continue reading

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The NRA’s Enemies List

Rats. I didn’t make the NRA’s enemies list, but then again it’s made up of organizations and not publications or individual people, so there’s still a chance for another list. Oh and yes. The NRA has an enemies list. For … Continue reading

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A Gun Won’t Make Your Penis Larger

My Tuesday column: There’s a brief scene in Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket in which the new recruits, led by Gunnery Sgt. Hartman, chant in unison, “This is my rifle, this is my gun. This is for fighting, this is … Continue reading

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The President Is Aware of All Hunting Traditions

The president talking about gun ownership in an interview with The New Republic: “Part of being able to move this forward is understanding the reality of guns in urban areas are very different from the realities of guns in rural … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Sheriff: The Police Suck, So Get a Gun!

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke aired a radio ad in which he told residents that they really can’t rely upon 911 any more, and therefore they must use firearms to defend themselves. I’m Sheriff David Clarke, and I want to … Continue reading

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The Front Lines

Artist – Adam Zyglis What could go wrong? (via ThinkProgress) Wisconsin County Sheriff David Clarke is facing backlash for telling Milwaukee, Wisconsin residents to get a gun for emergencies, rather than call 911. In a radio ad, Clarke claims personal … Continue reading

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Gun Show Bans AR Firearms. Gun Fetishists Scream. Gun Show Canceled.

The organizers of The Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show had to cancel their annual event in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania because angry gun owners made a huge stink over the fact that they banned AR weapons similar to the Sandy Hook shooter’s … Continue reading

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Texas GOP Gets It Exactly Wrong

As you may recall, the Texas State Senate already voted to pass a bill that would allow concealed carry on college campuses last Spring, but the bill lingered and never made it into law. And it’s plausible that it being … Continue reading

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Republicans Continue to Rubber-Stamp Wackjob Alex Jones

Here’s a town hall conversation between a voter and Rep. James Lankford (R-OK) about what’s really to blame for gun violence: CONSTITUENT: My question is regarding the guns and is Washington at all aware of the psychotropic drugs that these … Continue reading

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Lawmaker Proposes Gun Classes in Schools

From the Crazy State of South Carolina: …one South Carolina lawmaker is taking the NRA’s “more guns will keep schools safe” argument even further, with a new bill that would teach teenagers how to shoot. Sen. Lee Bright (R), the … Continue reading

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Cowardly Ted Nugent Threatened the President Again

My Wednesday column begins like so: Last week, I wrote an article about the SHOT Show in Las Vegas and how NBC Sports was pathetically tone-deaf by sponsoring the event. As I mentioned, the NRA had not one but three … Continue reading

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