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The Daily Banter Mail Bag Is Rooting For…

This week’s Mail Bag questions from our delightful readers. Answers here. 1) With Sarah Palin now out of the picture, which TV-ready Republican crazy will step up and be the party’s next star? — J. 2) Did you guys see … Continue reading

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Tennessee Bill Would Force Schools to ‘Out’ Gay Teens

My Thursday column begins like so: One of the more successful things about Mitt Romney’s doomed 2012 campaign was his ability to portray himself as an aw-shucks clean-cut good guy; a Mormon who never drinks or smokes or uses profanity, … Continue reading

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Anti Gay Marriage Crusaders Are Broke

According to this report from Reuters, the primary backers of the California’s gay marriage ban are close to financial ruin. (Reuters) – Foes of same-sex marriage are laboring to pay the tab for an epic legal case now before the … Continue reading

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Tennessee GOP: Report Students Who Might Be Gay

A new provision added to Tennessee’s proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bill compels teachers to inform parents if they believe their child might be gay. The bill, SB 234, still bars Tennessee teachers from discussing any facet of “non-heterosexual” sexuality with … Continue reading

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Lets Give Paul Clement Another Raise

If Paul Clement is going to make arguments that are this idiotic in front of the Supreme Court as he defends DOMA on behalf of House Republicans, I believe he deserves a raise. Oh wait, they already gave him a … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts May End Anti-Gay Policy

As Joe Biden would say, this is a big deal. The Boy Scouts of America, one of the nation’s largest private youth organizations, is actively considering an end to its decades-long policy of banning gay scouts or scout leaders, according … Continue reading

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There’s Always More Money for DOMA

House Republicans have approved increased spending for the legal defense of DOMA for a third time, surpassing the previous spending cap of $2 million. WASHINGTON — House Republican leaders have signed on to spend up to $3 million to keep … Continue reading

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Another Inauguration, Another Controversial Pastor

Last time around it was anti-gay Rick Warren giving the invocation, now it’s this guy: The Rev. Louie Giglio, the Atlanta pastor of Passion City Church who will deliver the benediction at President Barack Obama’s inauguration, is under fire for … Continue reading

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It’s a BFD

Former servicemembers who were discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell dating back to 2004 are going to receive the benefits they were denied because of it. The ACLU has settled a suit with the federal government that will allow many … Continue reading

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Priorities: 67 No Votes for Sandy Relief. 1 No Vote for DOMA.

67 Republicans voted against relief for Hurricane Sandy victims today, but only 1 single Republican voted against additional funding for the hopeless legal defense of DOMA. via ThinkProgress On a 228-196 vote, the Republican-controlled U.S. House of Representatives adopted a … Continue reading

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GOP Approves Increased Spending…

…for DOMA While negotiations concerning the fiscal cliff continue, and as the Tea Party House reportedly rejects the idea of even a 10-to-1 cuts:revenue deal, the Republicans have found at least one thing they’re willing to spend more money on … Continue reading

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Whatever the future brings, Justice Antonin Scalia will leave a permanent, ugly stain of the history of the nation. via ThinkProgress In a Princeton University speech Monday, Justice Antonin Scalia defended his opposition to LGBT equality and his previous comments … Continue reading

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Quote of the Morning

“There is something like an emerging consensus. Quite literally, the opposition to gay marriage is dying. It’s old people.” George Will on This Week with George Stephanopoulos But you know what? It’s not just marriage equality. It’s nearly every issue: … Continue reading

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Not My Ebeneezer

Artist – David Fitzsimmons In other news, the Supreme Court has announced that they will hear cases regarding the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8. Predictions for the fight? Personally I believe both will be struck down 5-4 … Continue reading

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He’s Not a Scientist, Man

GOP darling Marco Rubio has changed his mind on the whole how-old-is-the-earth debate. Or has he? RUBIO: There is no scientific debate on the age of the earth. I mean, it’s established pretty definitively, it’s at least 4.5 billion years … Continue reading

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Fairy Tales

Artist – Rob Tornoe In other news, West Point’s Cadet Chapel hosted its first same-sex couple today since the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. WEST POINT, N.Y. (AP) — Cadet Chapel, the landmark gothic church that is a center … Continue reading

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The Continued Bigotry of Pastor Rick Warren

My Thursday column… Earlier this month, I wrote an article in which I suggested that liberals stop hectoring people of faith and simply focus on religious groups and leaders who attempt to undermine or replace secular law with biblical dogma. … Continue reading

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Fiscal Poker Face

Artist – Tim Eagan In other news, President Obama nominated seven judges for the federal bench yesterday, including one openly-gay African-American. If approved, Judge William L. Thomas would become the first openly-gay African-American man to become a federal judge.

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Good news — Kyrsten Sinema, an openly bisexual state senator from Arizona, has been elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. PHOENIX — Former Democratic state Sen. Kyrsten Sinema has been elected to represent a new Phoenix-area congressional district, emerging … Continue reading

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When I say that the tremendous amount of money spent on this election was not a waste because we won, and because we made an enormous amount of progress in the process, it feels like an understatement. In Maryland, voters … Continue reading

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