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Posted by JumpyPants I’m with Bob on this one 100%. Obama and his team should get Rick Warren to step aside today. And if they want to be all about inclusion, here’s an idea: have a Christian minister, a Muslim … Continue reading

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The president-elect defends the Warren fiasco: I don’t think Rick Warren is being at all “agreeable” when he compares same-sex marriage to incest and pederasty. In fact, I can think of very few political/social metaphors that are more disagreeable.

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'A Cruel Thing' Indeed

Ezra Klein: This might be a wise political calculation on Obama’s part. But it is a cruel thing to ask of his coalition. […] Pro-choice women and gays were a significant part of Obama’s coalition, and they’re being forced to … Continue reading

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Obama on Warren

In his press conference just now, the president-elect made the expected argument in favor of Rick Warren — basically (paraphrasing) there are a lot of opinions in America and the inauguration will reflect that. However, an opinion like Warren’s — … Continue reading

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Again, What's the Prize?

I slept on it, but I still can’t see an upside in this thing — political or otherwise. Rick Warren is such a terrible, terrible idea. Conservative evangelicals won’t budge on abortion or same-sex marriage simply because Warren got a … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King, Jr. Believed In God

by Lee Stranahan You’ve heard of King. He believed in that invisible man in that sky, that myth. He brought up religion, God, and Jesus constantly in a political context. In speech after speech, he used his Christian faith as … Continue reading

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Prime Time Thread

Open thread for documenting the constant variety of cable news hackery and also. Tonight! Rick Warren is going to be doing what at the inauguration?

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Ha-ha. Funny.

Rick Warren? Giving the invocation at the inauguration? This is a joke, right? Hoo-hoo! Good one, Mr. President-elect. Wait. Seriously? Rick Warren, a known homophobe, is really speaking at the inaugural ceremony and not, you know, standing in the freezing … Continue reading

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Jerry Falwell admits Fox deception

Sort of. Filling in for right wing moral values shmendrick Joe Scarborough (who *cough* resigned from Congress for suspicious reasons *cough*) on MSNBC, Falwell said: “I think [Iraq] is going well. CNN doesn’t always get it right, but it goes … Continue reading

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