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The Word

This seems especially poignant as a significant portion of the country is currently feeling spring-time temperatures, to be followed by severe weather and Tornadoes, to be followed by ice and snow. And did I mention it’s January? Thanks for literally … Continue reading

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Stomping Ron’s Johnson

Colbert on the Benghazi shit show and the “Hillary was faking it” meme. Don’t get me wrong, these guys know something about faking emotions. They do it every day. And I respect them for it. But in this case I’m … Continue reading

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Redistricting the Promised Land

Colbert tackles Virginia Republicans for redrawing districts on inauguration day. It remains to be seen if the bill will pass the state House. Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling (R) said today that Senate Republicans were on their own.

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The Most Innocent Among Us

Colbert is on a roll as he takes on all the gun-nut batshittery of the past week. Jones, Nugent, LaPierre, and the rest of the gang are the gifts that keep on giving to proponents of gun control.

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If I Can’t See It, It Does Not Exist

Relevant to prior discussion of equality in the administration and the trolling trolls who are very concerned. By the way, here’s what the front row typically looks like during White House Press Briefings Where’s the diversity, fellas? Aren’t you concerned?

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Enchantment Under The Siege

Stephen Colbert agrees with Wayne LaPierre.

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C#@K Block You on the Hurricane

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert returned to the air last night, and the world rejoiced. What would Jesus, or any other human being that isn’t an asshole, do? What do you put on a trillion dollar coin? On the tail … Continue reading

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The Funniest Opposition Research in the History of Politics

Nikki Haley released her oppo research against Stephen Colbert. I’m positive it was intended as a joke, but holy hell it’s hilarious stuff. ‘Stephen Colbert Claimed He Would “Stumble Around Columbia, The Capital, Like, Pantless With A Bottle Of Jack … Continue reading

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Emergency Muslims

Stephen Colbert explains how Fox News handles running out of fresh stories — break the glass and pull out the emergency Muslims. I hope whichever producer came up with “Mosque-rade” hanged his/her head in shame for the entirety of the … Continue reading

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Merry Cliffmas

Stephen Colbert pans the absurdities of our current national debate from hyperbolic pundits, to Job Creators, to John Boehner asking the president to do his job for him.

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Colbert for Senate

According to a new poll from Public Policy Polling, Stephen Colbert is the most popular choice to replace Senator Jim DeMint. Colbert is the choice of 20 percent of registered South Carolina voters polled, Rep. Tim Scott (R-SC) sees 15 … Continue reading

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Lunar Appeasement

We’ve emboldened the moon.

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Holy Black Friday

Colbert is back, and I think I just smiled for the first time since Friday. Chest colds are the worst.

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Flashback: I Am America

As ugly as the last two months of the 2012 campaign was, it’s easy to forget just how hilarious the journey along the way was. This is a classic moment. Yes, I know it’s hard to remember, but Herman Cain … Continue reading

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Soul Searching

Artist – Tim Eagan There’s being cheap, and then there’s being a dick. From the moment Mitt Romney stepped off stage Tuesday night, having just delivered a brief concession speech he wrote only that evening, the massive infrastructure surrounding his … Continue reading

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What the Hell is ‘Razor Tight?’

Colbert doesn’t know either:

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Mitt’s Date to Disaster Prom

Colbert was in fine form last night while clowning the media, Mitt Romney, and Donald Trump. Out of sensitivity, less than one week from election day Mitt Romney has been forced suspend his campaign. That’s why he scrapped his victory … Continue reading

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Broken Record

Artist – Daryl Cagle Yes, Fox News is still screwing the Benghazi chicken today. And here’s Colbert.

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Colbert on Mourdock and the Rape Republicans

This indescribably perfect and hilarious:

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Save the Candidates

I suppose this wasn’t the last time I would mention this story after all. And I don’t care if you’re sick of this story, because I’m still laughing. Colbert and Stewart both took swipes at Paul Ryan last night. Won’t … Continue reading

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