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Republican Outreach

Under current law, women in South Dakota must wait 72 hours between the time they request an abortion and the time they can legally have one, but that’s not good enough for some Dakota Republicans. House Bill 1237, sponsored by … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

Representative Lou Barletta (R-PA) says Republicans shouldn’t bother trying to pass immigration reform because it won’t win them any votes. And I may actually agree with that sentiment because there’s a lot more to garnering votes than simply making symbolic … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

It’s time for another episode of Republican Outreach, this time in New Mexico. Should a recently introduced bill in New Mexico become law, rape victims will be required to carry their pregnancies to term during their sexual assault trials or … Continue reading

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An Update on the Worst Court Ruling Ever

Ashby posted about this a few days ago, but in case you missed it: A California appeals court, relying on an outdated statute that prohibits someone from pretending to be someone’s husband but not their boyfriend in order to obtain … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

After temporarily supporting exceptions for rape and incest during the presidential campaign, Paul Ryan is back to supporting legislation that would effectively ban abortion without exception. Despite the deep unpopularity of fetal personhood bills in 2012, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) … Continue reading

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Reminder: The GOP Doesn’t Care About Women

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is set to expire now that the House of Representatives has failed to renew it before adjourning. And because they have failed to do so, the Senate will have to pass another version of … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

Judge Gary Harger ruled today that the state of Texas may immediately implement a ban on funding for doctors and clinics who supply poor women with healthcare if they support abortion rights. AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas can cut off … Continue reading

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The War on Women Continues

Michigan Republicans’ omnibus anti-abortion bill has been signed into law by Governor Rick Snyder. Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has approved a controversial package of abortion restrictions that will limit abortion access for women who live in rural areas, require … Continue reading

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An Historic Session of Congress

Artist – Bill Day In other news, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals cited Citizens United while ruling in favor of a company that claimed the Obamacare contraception mandate violates their religious freedom. This is in direct contradiction to an … Continue reading

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Artist – Daryl Cagle A reminder as we approach the new year — House Republicans still haven’t renewed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). Their objections, as voiced by Majority Leader Eric Cantor, continue to center around extending rights to … Continue reading

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The Belligerent Hobby Lobby

Yes, the Supreme Court denied Hobby Lobby’s request for a stay on contraception coverage, but the company head would rather pay steep fines than comply. With Wednesday’s rejection of an emergency stay of that federal health care law by Supreme … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

Texas Republicans are unleashing Big Government on women seeking abortions and abortion providers. In 2013, the state of Texas will begin gathering new and more invasive information on women seeking and doctors providing safe abortion care thanks to new reporting … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach

The Republican-controlled Ohio State Senate has approved a virulently anti-choice, anti-reproductive healthcare troll to the state medical board. via Realty Check Gonidakis, the former executive director of Ohio Right to Life, has been a leading figure in the state’s attempts … Continue reading

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Reminder: Republicans Still Sitting on VAWA

Congress still hasn’t renewed the Violence Against Women Act. More specifically, the House of Representatives is still refusing to pass the newest version of the bill which has already passed the Senate. The Tea Party House originally opposed the latest … Continue reading

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The High Cost of the War on Women

This illustrates the shortsightedness of knee-jerk Republican attempts to defund family planning services perhaps better than anything. From The New York Times When state lawmakers passed a two-year budget in 2011 that moved $73 million from family planning services to … Continue reading

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After a week of deserved criticism and a healthy dose of mockery, John Boehner has decided that he will appoint at least one woman to a committee chairmanship. House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) announced on Friday the appointment of Rep. … Continue reading

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Ohio GOP Abandons Abortion Legislation

via ThinkProgress The Ohio Senate will not vote on two hotly contested pieces of anti-choice legislation — one that would have imposed the strictest abortion in the nation, and one that sought to strip funding from the state’s Planned Parenthood … Continue reading

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Republican Outreach: Another Round of Abortion Legislation

It appears that the next wave in the War on Women is about to come ashore in Wisconsin. The state’s largest anti-abortion group sees opportunities to place further regulations on abortion, including requiring women seeking the procedure to view an … Continue reading

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“You Don’t Own Me”

A get-out-the-vote PSA from Lesley Gore. I, for one, welcome our women overlords who may decide the outcome of this election.

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82 Percent of Lowest Paid Staff Were Women

We already know Romney’s “binders full of women” story was a lie and that the binders in question were delivered to him by an outside group. They were not something he curated or requested. What you may not know is … Continue reading

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