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Montana Bill Would Spank Convicted Criminals

It’s difficult to verbalize how insane this is. And, yes, a Republican came up with it. Spankings for convicted criminals. Montana State Rep. Jerry O’Neil (R) is sponsoring a bill to allow defendants to “bargain with the court” to receive … Continue reading

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Please Proceed, Right Wing

The Right Wing response to President Obama’s news conference today where he unveiled the sweeping gun control measures recommended to him by Vice President Joe Biden has been predictably unhinged. And at a time when the president’s approval rating is … Continue reading

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Another Libertarian Cult Compound in the Making

This one comes not from Glenn Beck, but from a group of “patriots” who are nothing more than glorified Doomsday Preppers. via TPM A group of self-appointed “patriots” are moving forward with an idea for a planned community of several … Continue reading

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‘I’ll Kill People’ CEO Loses Handgun Permit

Mister James “I’m going to kill people” Yaegar, the CEO of Tactical Response, a fake company that isn’t actually certified to conduct training, has had his handgun carry permit revoked. State officials explained they revoked the permit because of Yeager’s … Continue reading

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What Should We Name Glenn Beck’s Randian Theme Park?

Glenn Back has announced the creation of a libertarian Disney Land where the world’s worst persons can gather and share their terrible ideas with each other, but we’re not sure what to call it. On his program last night, Beck … Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong?

Regardless of the timing, this is ridiculous and childish, but it’s even more reprehensible considering that someone used the same rifle — an AR-15 — to shoot people in the Clackamas Town Center several weeks ago. An infamous “Second Amendment … Continue reading

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Unhinged Lunatic of the Day

The CEO of Tactical Response has a message for proponents of gun control — I’m going to kill you. James Yeager — CEO of Tactical Response, a Tennessee-based company that specializes in firearms and tactical training — said the White … Continue reading

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The Opposition

Alex Jones and Matt Drudge are two peas in a pod today. I welcome this sort of unhinged comparison because it only makes the opposition to responsible gun control look that much more ridiculous. As long as Wayne LaPierre, Drudge, … Continue reading

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They Aren’t Hiding It

What does the Right Wing really crave? According to the third-most popular radio host in the country, they have a craving for nationalism, and the only cure is a repeat of the mid 20th century. The conservative radio host Michael … Continue reading

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We’re Off to a Good Start

At noon today, I introduced the first bill of the 113th Congress to repeal Obamacare in its entirety. — Michele Bachmann (@MicheleBachmann) January 3, 2013 The 112th congress voted to repeal Obamacare 33 times. Will the 113th congress surpass that … Continue reading

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Don’t Let The Door Hit You On The Way Out

This guy And this guy And this guy This woman And this guy And then there’s Joe Lieberman who is among the parties most responsible for watering down healthcare reform. We’ll never forget. The 112 congress, perhaps the worst congress … Continue reading

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Dick Armey: Extortionist Grifter

Dick Armey opened up to ABC News this weekend and dispelled any doubt that he is in fact a grifter who committed extortion following his attempted armed coup of FreedomWorks. According to Armey, Stephenson stepped in with an offer to … Continue reading

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What Could Go Wrong?

Notorious birther, perpetual embarrassment, and national disgrace Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio has announced plans to post armed members of his “posse” outside schools to protect against the evil-doers. The latest proposal comes from Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the self-described toughest sheriff … Continue reading

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Photo of the Day

From the News Corp. owned New York Post. If even the New York Post says you’re a “gun nut” and a “loon,” you may want to rethink things.

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This Isn’t a Joke. Okay Maybe It Is.

At least one Texas lawmaker is taking the War on Christmas very seriously, and he intends to file legislation to put a stop to it! via ThinkProgress A Texas state representative pre-filed legislation that would allow public school officials to … Continue reading

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The Full Wingnut

There have been many unhinged responses to the Sandy Hook school shooting on the Right, but this takes the cake. It has everything and the kitchen sink. A piece posted to the Tea Party Nation website yesterday, and sent to … Continue reading

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The Crazy Base Won’t Let the Republican Party Change

My Wednesday column and the crazy results of a new PPP poll: In the wake of the election, there’s no doubt that the Republican Party leadership is capable of making some adjustments to re-brand itself. There are plenty of ways … Continue reading

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The Nexus of Insanity

If you’re looking for the intersection of everything that’s through-the-looking-glass insane, here’s a video posted on Breitbart.com of Ralph Nader criticizing President Obama for being “worse than Bush,” and all of the far-right wingnut Breitbart commenters, formerly Bush voters for … Continue reading

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Not The Fox News Gig He Was Hoping For

This isn’t the high-paying Fox News gig Rick Santorum was probably hoping for, but writing for World Net Daily will deliver just as much or more street-cred. Rick Santorum – the former U.S. senator who ignited grass-roots conservatives as a … Continue reading

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Conspiracy Theory

The perennially-amusing Representative Louie Gohmert Pyle (R-TX) is the gift that keeps on giving. GOHMERT: What was all the rage a year and a half ago? It was the Arab Spring and how wonderful it was! This administration really embraced … Continue reading

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