Obamacare Outselling PlayStation 4

This past week, Sony announced that sales of the PlayStation 4 had surpassed 7 million– worldwide.

TOKYO, April 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. (SCE) today announced that the PlayStation®4 (PS4™) computer entertainment system has cumulatively sold through more than 7.0 million units*1 globally as of April 6, 2014(JST), demonstrating the rapid growth of the PS4 platform.

“The response from the global gaming community for PS4 has been overwhelming and we are truly humbled that gamers are selecting PS4 as their next generation console of choice,” said Andrew House, President and Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. “The PS4 journey has just begun, and although we are still facing difficulties keeping up with the strong demand worldwide, we remain steadfast in our commitment to meet the needs of our customers, and surpassing the wildest expectations of gamers by delivering new user experiences that inspire and engage. We look forward to unveiling many of these experiences to our fans in the coming months.”

To put this into some perspective, sales of the PlayStation 3 topped 80 million globally.

Launched in November of last year, industry executives and the professional gamer community are hailing sales of PlayStation 4 as a roaring success, being characterized as “another month, another million” for Sony PlayStation.

Which is funny because just this past week, President Obama announced that enrollment through the Affordable Care Act’s health insurance exchanges had surpassed 8 million.

I point this out to demonstrate attitudes toward the idea of success. For conservatives, the Affordable Care Act is a disaster of epic proportions, destroying the economy, while the president is an impeachable failure.

But if President Obama was heading up Sony instead of America, and moving the PlayStation 4 like Obamacare, he’d be universally praised as a titan of expanding markets overseeing a rapid growth revolution– and no amount of right wing propaganda would dare dispute it.

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Bong Hits 4 Easter

Then-high school student Joseph Frederick and friends in Juneau, Alaska, 2002.  Clay Good/Zuma Press

Joseph Frederick and friends in Juneau, Alaska, 2002. Clay Good/Zuma Press


“If Christ had turned straw into pot, instead of water into wine, we’d all be smoking up at communion.” — The Kids In The Hall.

As the world celebrates the anniversary of the rising of Zombie Jesus today, potheads of America are still trying to figure out how many tokes it takes before religion starts making sense.

In Denver yesterday, thousands rallied for the cause of fighting for our right to be publicly intoxicated– the first 4/20 rally since the state legalized the sale of recreational marijuana last year.

Outside the Denver state capital building 4-19-2014. Photo: Brennan Linsley, AP

Outside the Denver state capital building 4-19-2014. Photo: Brennan Linsley, AP


Do you feel the power of the Lord coursing through your veins? Fuck, yeah!

My, how things have changed. This is a photo of these same kids taken just last year:


REX/Peter Pittilla. Associated Newspapers

REX/Peter Pittilla. Associated Newspapers


We’re all growing up so fast, America.

As the world celebrates Easter and 4/20 today, the Wonkblog points out that “In the next 1,000 years, Easter will fall on 4/20 a total of 33 times.”

Like, um, this doesn’t happen very often, man! Still, it’s going to happen enough over the next 1000 years(33 times) that pastors and local churches refuse to be out hustled by the Apostles of the sticky-icky-icky.

Pastor Justice Coleman, founder of Freedom Church in Highland Park, Calif., isn’t judging.


In the Highland Park (no kidding) neighborhood of Los Angeles, a church is using medical marijuana imagery and catchy word play to attract new worshippers to an Easter sermon series called “Medicated,” about seeking fulfillment through God, not drugs.


Since the hippy-pastors in California are busy trying to convert stoners to Christianity, a church in Mississippi is trying to convert Christians to stoning, by “hosting a massive concert to denounce marijuana legalization with the title ‘Reverse 420: God Keeps Me High.’”

A massive concert to denounce marijuana legalization? I’m pretty sure this ‘massive concert’ is going to have some problems finding musical talent.

In the meantime, however you’re choosing to celebrating the rare convergence of Easter and 4/20, remember what Jesus said about, like, stuff.

Happy Easter!

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The Daily Banter Mail Bag! The Bundy Ranch Moochers, Banter Topicality and Our Biggest Fears

This week’s questions. Answers here!

1. Now that we know for sure that white people with guns can do anything they want, would you be willing to move to the middle of nowhere and stop paying taxes?
– Steve

2. Kind of funny that so many of you Banter writers seem to have adopted your own personal windmills to battle against — Chez and Salon, Cesca and Snowden/Greenwald, Tommy and Bill Maher. What’s up with that? Is it by design?
– Mike

3. What’s your greatest fear in life?
– JD

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Ask Vlad

"Snowden Snowed" (Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News)

Artist – Mark Streeter

In other news, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says the devil made him who he is today. He may have been joking, but I think he may be on to something. What better way to throw people off than to admit it?

Meanwhile, Rand Paul is very upset that Harry Reid referred to the Bundy militiamen as domestic terrorists, saying “I don’t think calling people names is going to calm this down.” Now shut up you socialist dictator tyrant.

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Conspiracy Theory

Did you hear that Chelsea Clinton is pregnant? Newsmax host Steve Malzberg heard the news and the first thing that popped into his mind was a conspiracy.

“Now pardon the skeptic in me,” Malzberg said. “Oh I can see Media Matters, I can see everybody going crazy on me now. Malzberg thinks this was a staged, planned pregnancy?”

Well, now I’m not saying, when I say staged I have to believe she’s pregnant, if she says she’s pregnant,” he continued. “I don’t mean that they’re making up she’s pregnant. But what great timing! I mean purely accidental, purely an act of nature, purely just left up to God.

He’s not saying, he’s just sayin’


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Good Advice


Dear Republicans, please listen to this guy.

Upset that the Nevada Republican Party recently voted to remove anti-choice, anti-gay language from its official platform, GOP state assemblyman Ira Hansen took to The Janet Mefferd Show yesterday to argue that the party made a grave mistake in avoiding such social issues.

Hansen said that Republicans are failing to win support from young voters because they are “being alienated partially because of this absence of values.” He argued that Republicans could win support from new voters by embracing the “Pat Robertson wing” of the party.

Yes, that’s it. You’re failing to win over young voters because you haven’t embraced Pat Robertson; because of the “absence of values.”

And what values are those? Delusional bigotry, racism, misogyny, and xenophobia. There’s also that time Robertson said Jesus never would have baked a wedding cake for a gay couple because the gay couple would have been stoned to death before he had the chance to. Obviously.

Does that sound like a platform that young voters would be attracted to? Do young voters even know who Pat Robertson is?

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Another Wacko Republican Campaign Ad [Video]


It’s time for another wacko-bird Republican campaign ad.

Bob Quast threatened to shoot your balls off. Matt Rosendale threatened to shoot down government drones. Nebraska state Senator Beau McCoy (R) is simply content to smack Obama dolls around.

More Obamacare in Nebraska? That’s the last thing we need. I’m Beau McCoy. When Barack Obama tried bullying Nebraska into expanding Obamacare, I pushed back; standing with Governor Heineman to stop Obama from blowing a hole in our budget and reducing funding for education.

Of course expanding Medicaid in Nebraska wouldn’t actually cost the state a single dime for the first several years while the federal government covers 100 percent of the cost. In 2020 and beyond, the federal government will still cover 90 percent of the cost.

According to Mother Jones, McCoy has been campaigning by driving around in a pickup truck with a ladder rack. I suppose that makes him seem more authentic.

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This Week’s Pulse-Pounding Episode: PayPal Really, Really Sucks; Bob and Chez Join the Mafia; Matt Taibbi Off the Rails; Obama versus Bush on Corporations; Obamabots versus Empiricism versus Dudebros; Cenk Takes $4 million from Conservative Financier; JD Winteregg’s Anti-Boehner Campaign Commercial; The Purple Wedding; Facebook Spoilers; Game of Thrones Smooth Jazz Theme Song; and much more.

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Morning Awesome

Rush – “The Body Electric” Live

Wrapping up our Grace Under Pressure 30th anniversary theme week.

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Home on the Range

Home, home we’re deranged…


Artist – John Cole

In other news, House Republican leadership has gone full-on Obamacare enrollment truther. The optimally-named Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy is demanding more information on enrollments.

Meanwhile, the Marionville mayor who said he “kind of agrees with” Frazier Glenn Miller is facing calls for his resignation and possibly impeachment.

Finally, the Kentucky bill that would allow Rand Paul to run for both the senate and presidency at the same time has died for now. It won’t be considered again until next year.

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Freedom is Charging People Who Generate Their Own Power

Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin is on a roll. After signing a bill into law that prohibits cities from passing their own minimum wage laws, she is expected to sign a bill that will charge a monthly fee for generating your own power.

On Monday, S.B. 1456 passed the state House 83-5 after no debate. The measure creates a new class of customers: those who install distributed power generation systems like solar panels or small wind turbines on their property and sell the excess energy back to the grid. While those with systems already installed won’t be affected, the new class of customers will now be charged a monthly fee — a shift that happened quickly and caught many in the state off guard.

Proponents of the law say they’re “just trying to keep it fair” by imposing the fee which will “recover some of the infrastructure costs to send excess electricity” back to the grid.

If you live somewhere that has dealt with any form of natural disaster that cuts power for extended periods of time, you’d know that power companies already raise rates at their discretion to recover the cost of infrastructure.

And who are they ‘keeping it fair’ for? Power companies? Because obviously they need all the protection they can get.

I suppose it’s far more politically acceptable in Oklahoma to charge people who generate their own power a monthly fee instead of raising taxes on something more sensible like sugary drinks.

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SPLC: Stormfront Linked to Nearly 100 Murders Since 2009

Frazier Glenn Miller’s connection to the now-infamous Vanguard News Network (VNN) has been well documented over the past several days after he killed three people at Jewish community centers in Kansas City but, according to a new comprehensive report from the Southern Poverty Law Center, the more popular Stormfront forum can be linked to nearly 100 murders in the last five years.

Stormfront users have included Wade Michael Page, who shot to death six people before killing himself at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin in 2012; Richard Andrew Poplawski, who murdered three Pittsburgh police officers in 2009; and Anders Behring Breivik, who bombed a government building in Norway, killing eight people, and then massacred 69 people, most of them teenagers, at a summer camp in 2011.

Stormfront’s homicidal trend began just four years after the site went up. On Aug. 10, 1999, Buford O’Neil Furrow, a known Stormfront user, left his parents’ home in Tacoma, Wash., and drove to Los Angeles, where he shot and wounded three children, a teenage girl and an elderly woman at a Jewish day care center. Furrow then shot and killed a Filipino-American postal worker. But the trend took off after Obama’s inauguration in January 2009.

According to the SPLC’s Intelligence Project, hate killings ‘accelerated rapidly’ after President Obama took office in January of 2009, leading to nearly 100 murders since then.

The first thing that jumps out at you is obviously the fact that President Obama took office in 2009 and that he is, in fact, a black man.

Sure, there are certainly other factors involved such as the NRA’s endless drumbeat, Fox News, Hate Radio, and long-running anti-government conspiracy theories which have become more popular and mainstream in recent years, but each of those can also be linked back to race. The militia movement has a long, ugly history, but the fact that hate killings accelerated after the nation’s first black president took office is hardly surprising.

When conservative entertainment shock jocks bleat about the impending race war, martial law, or FEMA camps, they’re only throwing gasoline on the fire.

The last thing we need is to radicalize a whole new generation by telling them the NSA is vacuuming up every single detail of their lives and then hand Pulitzers to the men responsible for misleading them.

Too late.

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Wingnut Sheriff Richard Mack is a Bad Liar, Rants About The NSA and IRS


Remember the wingnut sheriff who told Fox News that the Bundy militia was planning to use women as human shields?

Former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack now says he wasn’t part of that, but that’s certainly not how it appeared at the time.

TPM: I saw your comments about strategizing to put the women up at the front, in case they did start firing it’d be women who were getting shot. I wanted to ask where you got that idea in the first place and why you thought it was a good idea.

MACK: I never thought it was a good idea. I was kind of surprised by the fact that they did. The mistake I made was it was never a strategy. It was never strategized. It was never talked about. The women just did it. I was never privy to that, so I thought they did strategize that. I thought that would be the only way they would send women up to the front.

Here’s what Mack told Fox News earlier this week:

MACK: We were actually strategizing to put all the women up at the front. If they are going to start shooting, it’s going to be women that are going to be televised all across the world getting shot by these rogue federal officers.

Mack now claims it wasn’t a planned strategy and that he simply assumed that was the case.

If that’s true, why did he add that they wanted the world to see women getting shot first? Did he assume that too, or is that what he wanted? Was that part of the plan? Was it part of his plan?

TPM’s interview with Mack covered a wide range of topics and, among other things, Mack says he wants the NSA to “stop doing the illegal wiretapping and monitoring every fax and computer and phone transmission.”

MACK: I would love the IRS to stop violating the constitutional rights of Americans. Stop the random audits. Stop the monitoring. Stop the checking, putting innocent people in prisons like they’ve done for decades. I would love the NSA to stop doing the illegal wiretapping and monitoring every fax and computer and phone transmission.

As you’re well aware, the NSA does not illegally wiretap or monitor every fax, computer, and phone transmission.

Being a part of the militia movement more or less requires tinfoil attire, but this particular fantasy has been given credence by Greenwald and Company and his colleagues at The Guardian.

The radicalization of this pet issue was seen coming miles away. Telling people that the government has direct access to their every thought with no oversight was not only a lie; it was irresponsible. The wrong kind of people are going to internalize that even if it is thoroughly debunked.

Congratulations on the Pulitzer for “public service.” The public service you’ve provided is handing unwarranted and unfounded credibility to the worst kind of people who are literally aiming their weapons at federal agents.


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We Watched Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Rant About Taxes So You Don’t Have To

There are few people on cable news as loathsome as Greg Gutfeld. The most flattering assessment of his role on Fox News Channel is that he’s a professional troll. As the host of the late-night program Red Eye, as well as one of the talking dumbstupids on The Five, Gutfeld is a less funny Dennis Miller, mixing what can be generously referred to as jokes along with sniping viral dollops of indignation perfectly targeted for the angry, deranged, bumper-sticker craving viewers who desperately cling to Fox News like Linus clings to his wooby.

Meanwhile, in predictable form, the far-right has launched into its April version of the War On Christmas routine, wheeling out the myopic, zombie gripe about how horrifying it is that roughly half of all Americans don’t pay federal income taxes — as if it’s a choice or a nefarious loophole in the system, you know, like the ones exploited by many of the corporate “people” who enjoy a tax rate of zero.

So of course Gutfeld jumped in forehead-first and went off on a rant about this obvious injustice during Tuesday’s edition of The Five. Here’s the video, but don’t worry — you don’t have to watch it. I’ll dig into it below so you don’t have to.

Gutfeld begins:

“Yay! It’s tax day or for 70 million households, Tuesday.”

Now there’s an original joke. He could’ve replaced “Tuesday” with a well-timed “NOT!” and it would’ve been roughly the same caliber of Lieutenant-Steve-From-Good-Morning-Vietnam comedy. Substance-wise, and right off the bat, he’s wrong. Dead wrong. Every American adult is required by law to file tax returns on tax day. Federal returns, state returns, local returns. It’s tax day for everyone. Just because some people don’t end up paying federal taxes doesn’t mean it’s not tax day.

He goes on to describe how those 70 million Americans wonder why everyone else is at the post office on tax day… READ MORE

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Morning Awesome

Rush – “Between the Wheels”

It’s the 30th anniversary of the Grace Under Pressure album, hence the theme week. And this song might be my all-time favorite Rush song. Easily in the top three.

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Good Guy With a Gun


Artist – Bob Englehart

In other news, Marionville, Missouri Mayor Dan Clevenger says he “kind of agreed with” Frazier Glenn Miller on some things. Clevenger apparently once wrote a letter to the editor and stated that the “Jew-run medical industry” has destroyed the American workforce.

“He was always nice and friendly and respectful of elder people, you know, he respected his elders greatly. As long as they were the same color as him,” Clevenger said while laughing, according to television station KSPR. “Very fair and honest and never had a bit of problems out of him.”

Ha! Get it? As long as they’re the same color! He was always very fair except for that part where he’s a virulent white nationalist. As long as you’re the same color no worries. Shitkicker.

Meanwhile, the Louisiana House of Representatives has voted to keep the state’s ban on sodomy on the books.

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Christie’s Law Firm Donated to RGA Before They Cleared Him


Chris Christie and his associates are known for being brazen, but this is really tempting fate.

via NorthJersey.com

Nine days before a team of its top lawyers made public a report clearing Governor Christie in the George Washington Bridge scandal, the law firm donated $10,000 to the Republican Governors Association, a group he heads.

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher made its donation March 18. [...]

The law firm is being paid $650 an hour for its work but has not yet submitted any bills to the state.

Isn’t that nice?

While taxpayers pay Gibson Dunn & Crutcher to clear Christie’s name, that money is essentially turned around and given to the Republican Governors Association.

New Jersey taxpayers will inadvertently donate to the RGA whether they want to or not.

I may be biased but I can’t see how this could possibly be ethical. Gibson Dunn & Crutcher has not donated to the Democratic Governors Association.

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The Running Embarrassment in Mississippi


State Senator Chris McDaniel (R-MS) is something of a running embarrassment for the Republican party. As we’ve discussed long before, McDaniel has dubious ties to the neo-Confederate white supremacist community.

Mississippi Republican party chairman Joe Nosef has now asked McDaniel to clarify his relationship with the white supremacist community and his plans to keynote an event hosted by segregationists, and for that Nosef is facing calls for his resignation.

The call for state party chairman Joe Nosef to resign comes in response to Nosef telling MSNBC that McDaniel needed to clarify whether he had planned to attend the event or not. Nosef, on the Paul Gallo Show, also suggested that McDaniel could cost Republicans a Senate seat. McDaniel is running to unseat Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS).

“It is inappropriate for Nosef to make such claims given his role as Chairman of the MS GOP. Accordingly, Joe Nosef should resign from his position as Chairman of the MS GOP effective immediately,” the Mississippi Tea Party said in a statement.

How dare you inquire if he has ties to white supremacists? Have you no decency?

Picard and Riker Facepalm

McDaniel has had opportunities to prove that he is not a Lost Causer who has a habit of keynoting events hosted by neo-Confederate white nationalists, but his efforts have fallen short.

As recently as this week, McDaniel appeared in studio with the American Family Association’s Bryan Fischer who, as you’re probably aware, is one of the most virulent bigots in the country.

If you’re going to issue a denial that you’re a piece of shit, you probably shouldn’t do so on a radio show hosted by a certifiable piece of shit.

The Mississippi Tea Party is undoubtedly aware of McDaniel’s views. That’s why they support him. They share his views.

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Matt Rosendale Will Blow Your Drone’s Balls Off

Matt Rosendale is going to blow your balls off shoot your drone down.

Witness the pure lunacy:

I’m Matt Rosendale, and this is how I look from a government drone. And this is what I think of it.

The federal government is too big and too powerful. More taxes and regulations put Montana families out of work. Spying on our citizens, that’s just wrong.

I’m Matt Rosendale and I approve this message because I’m ready to stand tall for freedom and get Washington out of our lives.

Send Matt Rosendale to Washington so he can get Washington out of his life.

Are campaign ads featuring the candidate either waving or firing their gun the new standard? We’ve seen numerous ads where a stack of paper meant to represent Obamacare is shot, but more recent ads feature personal threats and now this; some jackass pointing his gun in the sky at a fictitious drone.

The drone featured in Rosendale’s ad may as well be a black helicopter.


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Electronic Frontier Foundation Praises the Tea Party, FreedomWorks and Birther Larry Klayman

Yesterday, tax day, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) posted an article titled “Tea Party, Taxes and Why the Original Patriots Would’ve Revolted Against the Surveillance State,” and it wouldn’t surprise me if the authors were wearing tri-corner hats with hand-written “Rand Paul 4 Prez” placards stacked up on their desks while they hammered out the post.

The EFF is, in its own words, “the leading nonprofit organization defending civil liberties in the digital world,” and has stationed itself on the front lines in the battle against the National Security Agency and the intelligence community. It’s best known recently for pursuing NSA to release an 85-page opinion from the FISA Court detailing an operation a FISA judge had ruled unconstitutional.

Believe it or not, I admired the EFF’s strategy on this FISA matter. Rather than clandestinely horking documents from an inside source, it pursued NSA through perfectly legitimate means, specifically the Freedom of Information Act. That said, this article and its irresponsible lionization of the tea party is a huge red flag, as well as a further indication of an emerging and ill-advised alliance between the libertarian far-right and the far-left.

If the following chunk of the EFF’s tax day article doesn’t make you rethink any future donations to the organization, I don’t know what will:

Today the Tea Party movement continues the legacy of the founders, championing the rights guaranteed by the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Never afraid of controversy, Tea Party activists and elected leaders are fighting against mass surveillance in the courts and in the halls of state legislatures and Congress.

It’s difficult to find a more ridiculous whitewashing of the tea party outside of the tea party itself. The legacy of the founders? Wow. First of all, the tea party doesn’t even understand the actual Boston Tea Party, much less the intent of the founders. Yet the heretofore respected EFF has bedazzled the tea party with the gilded legacy of the almighty founders. As for the leaders the tea party has elected, is there one — just one — who’s not completely nuts or totally unqualified for the post?

It gets worse… READ MORE

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