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In other news, the first vice chair of the Arizona Republican Party resigned last night after saying that women on social welfare programs should be sterilized.

As you may recall, Russell Pearce also introduced the “papers please” law SB1070 in the state legislature and he’s been spotted palling around with neo Nazis several times.

Meanwhile, Debo Adegbile has formally withdrawn from consideration for the position of Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights. Senate Republicans and a handful of Democrats blocked his nomination earlier this year. As events unfolded in Ferguson, the Department of Justice did not have a confirmed head of the Civil Rights Division because his nomination was blocked.

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Lindsey Graham Says We’re All Going to Die


Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is a man who may piss his pants on a regular basis.

During his appearance on Fox News Sunday, Graham called the president “delusional” for believing that ISIS can be defeated without boots on the ground, and he predicted certain doom for all mankind.

Comparing the estimated 30,000 ISIS fighters to the Nazis, Graham warned that “this idea we’ll never had any boots to defeat them in Syria is fantasy.” He argued that given the growth of the “radical Islamic army” and its control of territory in northern Iraq and Syria, “it’s going to take an army to beat a army.” “This is ISIL versus mankind,” he said, using another acronym for the group. [...]

This president needs to rise to the occasion before we all get killed back here at home.

I believe ISIS is a potential terrorist threat to western nations, particularly Europe, and I believe it’s an existential threat to women, children, and other civilians who live within the territory occupied by the radical group. In addition to the beheading of numerous individuals, unspeakable violence is being committed against women as they’re removed from their homes forced into sex slavery.

I don’t take the group lightly, but this idea that ISIS is a threat to “mankind” that is going to kill us all is absurd and hysterical.

Someone this unhinged has no business dictating foreign policy and Graham should consider looking into a mirror before he accuses someone else of being delusional.

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Not Intended to be a Factual Statement


During an interview with Breitbart, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) said that the first executive order he would issue as president — Ha! — would be to “repeal all previous executive orders.”

Why? Because, according to him, you should have to “build consensus to pass things” and it “should be hard to pass a law.”

When asked about Rand’s comments however, an aide said that his comments were “not meant to be taken literally.”

“Senator Paul’s statement was meant to emphasize this president’s overt and unconstitutional executive orders, it was not meant to be taken literally,” Doug Stafford told The Huffington Post.

If Rand’s comments were merely a jab directed at the president, it means he was attacking the president’s use of executive orders by promising to issue the mother of all executive orders.

If you were to actually repeal all previous executive orders, you would repeal the order issued by President Harry Truman to desegregate the military among many other things over many decades.

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Words Continue to Have No Meaning

Today in Fox News chyrons brought to you by Media Matters.


During a segment of America’s Newsroom focused on “American ambivalence” and the president’s lack of action, Fox News inadvertently disclosed that the president has, in fact, taken action.

It appears that action does not count as “action” unless it involves ground troops.

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Perdue: Nunn Supporters Are Like ACORN


Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) is investigating the New Georgia Project, a third party voter registration organization, following allegations that they may be committing fraud.

There are a few reasons why I’m skeptical, but Democratic Senate candidate Michele Nunn’s opponent, David Perdue, is convinced that Nunn’s supporters are just like ACORN.

“The fact that an organization led by a well-known Nunn supporter would attempt to illegally register voters is unacceptable and reminiscent of the Obama-political machine’s ACORN scandal. There is nothing more fundamental to our democratic process than maintaining the integrity of our elections and any attempt to tamper with them is deplorable.”

It’s not clear how this can be reminiscent of something didn’t actually happen, but I digress.

I have serious doubts about the motivations of Secretary of State Brian Kemp as he recently made a big deal out of the Democratic party’s evil plan to register minority voters.

In a video posted last week, Kemp warned that Democrats are “registering all these minority voters that are out there” and that they can “win these elections in November” because of it. Kemp has also said that allowing same-day voter registration is an affront to individual freedom.

I think it’s fair to ask if Kemp’s investigation of the New Georgia Project is politically motivated. It’s clear that, as the chief of elections, he does not value high voter turnout if it concerns the poor, students, or minorities.

I anticipate the investigation will conclude sometime after the election and that Kemp’s office will find that no acts of intentional fraud were committed. Finding an invalid registration form does not necessarily translate to an act of fraud and I expect that is all they will find.

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The Ugly Side of Football and How Fans Continue to Let The NFL Get Away With It

ESPN’s Hannah Storm delivered an emotional and poignant monologue on SportsCenter the other day, raising the questions: why isn’t Ray Rice in jail, why didn’t he get fired and what does the NFL stand for? I wouldn’t presume to know the actual answers to these questions, but we can offer up a fairly strong series of guesses. American professional football players are royalty, and between the money, the hero-worshiping and the regionally proud fan-base, the dark underbelly of the sport, even post-Rice, will continue on without interruption because of it.

I’ll be completely up-front about my bias in all of this. In recent years, I’ve watched my sport, professional cycling, the sport I both enjoy as a fitness activity on the road and as a pass-time on television, get dragged into uncertainty, ridicule and scandal while one of its former heroes, Lance Armstrong, continues to this day to fight a losing battle that’s already cost him all of his victories, a lifetime ban from all professional sports and, ultimately, the bulk of his fortune. The public shaming was so thick that jokes about cancer became acceptable in Armstrong’s context (evidently testicular cancer is the hilarious cancer). Yes, I get it, people think he’s an asshole. He’s also a liar, insofar as he covered up his use of performance enhancing drugs, just like all of the top contenders in his sport for the duration he was active, by the way. Using PEDs is a violation of the rules of the sport and, in some cases, a crime. But unless I’m mistaken, lying to the press and being an asshole aren’t against the law and, in fact, are prerequisites for running a Fortune 500 business or being elected to Congress.

Armstrong should have absolutely been punished for using PEDs. No question. The degree of punishment, however, far outweighed the crime, at least relative to similar activities in other sports. But to even suggest that perhaps the effort to bring down Armstrong was even slightly unfair or even vaguely lopsided given what happens in other sports is, in the eyes of most, a trespass almost as bad as the doping itself. Lance is the devil. Case closed. Now… who’s playing Monday night?

What bothered me most about the Armstrong story wasn’t that he was caught, or the disappointment to learn that he was just like the other top cycling contenders 1999-2005 who were also using PEDs, it was how loudly he was condemned by the same American public who gathers in stadiums and living rooms and sports-bars from coast-to-coast for five months every year cheering for men who are pumped full of a menu of PEDs more powerful than anything Lance Armstrong or his teammates could’ve ever consumed in a lifetime. But America’s professional football players get a pass both professionally and publicly because it’s the mighty NFL. The sport itself is popular and beloved, and the players are Sunday supermen.

Until TMZ posted a video… CONTINUE READING

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Morning Awesome

U2 – “The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)”

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Awkward Questions


Artist – Pat Bagley

Sorry folks, the park’s closed. I’m dealing with some computer hardware issues and won’t be posting today.

Regarding the above cartoon — here’s the shot, and here’s the chaser.

Have a good weekend.

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Morning Awesome

U2 – “Until the End of the World”

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The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 9/11/14


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More Hearings


Artist – Ann Cleaves

In other news, Senate Republicans successfully filibustered and blocked a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United today.

Meanwhile, an elementary school teacher in Utah shot herself in a faculty bathroom before class today. Utah law allows concealed carrying in elementary schools for some insane reason.

Never forget.

Stay tuned for a new episode of the Bob and Chez Show.

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Murray Energy CEO Bob Murray is a Documented Piece of Shit

The Charleston Gazette reports that a preparation plant foreman has filed a lawsuit against Murray Energy, alleging that she was fired because she didn’t follow CEO Bob Murray’s instructions on campaign contributions.

During her time working for Murray, and continuing after she was fired, Cochenour received written requests from CEO Bob Murray to contribute to certain political candidates, the lawsuit says. The letters included the names of specific candidates and a request from Murray that Cochenour contribute a specific amount to each candidate.

Not only did Mr. Murray name candidates and specify the amount to be contributed to each candidate, but he also required that the political contributions be returned directly to him in a self-addressed envelope that he enclosed with each of his letters to her,” the lawsuit states.

According to the lawsuit, Bob Murray kept track of contributions made by every employee and that he personally fired Jean F. Cochenour in a private meeting in his office. The lawsuit also states that Cochenour was the only female preparation plant foreman.

I won’t mince words because, if you’ve been a regular reader here for any length of time, you’re probably aware that Bob Murray is a documented piece of shit.

It was Bob Murray of Murray Energy who forced his employees to lose a day’s pay and appear in a campaign ad for former presidential candidate Mitt Romney.


It was Bob Murray who fired over 150 of those same employees after the 2012 election because “the takers outvoted the producers.”

When Murray fired them, he read a prayer asking the Lord for guidance in his quest to save his “American business enterprise” by doing exactly what Free Market Jesus would have wanted: by punishing The Takers.

Lord, please forgive me and anyone with me in Murray Energy Corp. for the decisions that we are now forced to make to preserve the very existence of any of the enterprises that you have helped us build. We ask for your guidance in this drastic time with the drastic decisions that will be made to have any hope of our survival as an American business enterprise.

Murray Energy later rehired most of the employees CEO Bob Murray fired because the existence of his enterprise was not threatened. He did not need to fire them to survive. He fired them in a childish temper tantrum.

Murray Energy is currently suing the Environmental Protection Agency, claiming that the EPA does not have the authority to regulate emissions from existing coal plants.

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Conspiracy Theory


The last several years have seen a number of railroad incidents and disasters involving the transportation of crude oil that have led to many deaths, and so the Department of Transportation is implementing new regulations in response.

That seems simple enough, right?

Representative Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has an alternative theory for why the Transportation Department is implementing these regulations.

The agency’s efforts, Rohrabacher said, are “perhaps a facade to obtain what we clearly have as a goal of this administration, which is to reduce America’s use of fossil fuel, even though it is now being presented to us as something about safety.” [...]

“You just won’t answer anything … because the agency may be involved in a play based on global-warming theory, trying to, again, suppress the usage and the use and availability of fossil fuels, and letting that be in the background, forcing situations and forcing people like you to have to go through those verbal acrobatics not to answer a question,” Rohrabacher told [Transportation Department regulator] Butters.

Nearly 50 people were killed in a single railway accident last year.

Are they part of the conspiracy? Maybe they never really died. Maybe the idea that Dana Rohrabacher is a human adult is perhaps a facade to hide the fact that he is one of the lizard people. It’s a theory.

(photo: Getty)

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Rand Paul Opposes a Thing That We Aren’t Doing


Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has repeatedly demanded that the president seek congressional authorization for taking action in Syria, and now that President Obama is doing so, Rand is ready to give it, right?

In an op-ed written for Time, Rand himself said he would have called Congress back from recess and asked for authorization to initiate strikes in Syria and arm the regional opposition, but Rand son of Ron is now opposing the president’s request because he doesn’t think we should arm ISIS.

Yes, you read that right.

Senator Paul told the Huffington Post that he opposes the president’s request to arm and train moderate Syrian rebels because he “believes arming the same side as ISIS was and is a strategic error.”

The good news is we aren’t doing that. We aren’t arming “the same side as ISIS.”

In the request submitted to Congress, the White House asked for the “authority to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian armed opposition to help defend the Syrian people from attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Syrian regime.”

It should be obvious, but apparently it isn’t obvious for Rand. “Appropriately vetted” rebels who are dedicated to defending Syrian civilians against ISIS is not “the same side as ISIS.”

Rand’s ridiculous position becomes a little more clear once you understand that he believes taking any action to oppose Assad is a mistake.

In an op-ed written for the Wall Street Journal on August 27th, Rand said we shouldn’t support rebels in their fight against Assad because we need Assad to destroy ISIS for us.

Arguing against military strikes, I wrote that “Bashar Assad is clearly not an American ally. But does his ouster encourage stability in the Middle East, or would his ouster actually encourage instability?”

The administration’s goal has been to degrade Assad’s power, forcing him to negotiate with the rebels. But degrading Assad’s military capacity also degrades his ability to fend off the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham.

In the same Wall Street Journal op-ed, Rand also repeated his conspiracy theory that we’ve already armed the rebels and that doing so created ISIS in the first place. And how did we arm them? Through Benghazi, of course.

One week after Rand denounced “the interventionists” for blundering in Syria in his Wall Street Journal op-ed, he wrote the op-ed for Time in which he called for decisive action.

As President Obama said last night, we “cannot rely on an Assad regime that terrorizes its people; a regime that will never regain the legitimacy it has lost.”

Rand Paul disagrees. He believes we should maintain Assad’s legitimacy for convenience. He also seemingly believes that every single rebel in the region is a member of ISIS.

Over 191,000 people have been killed in Syria since 2011 according to the U.N.

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Michael Moore Thinks Obama Will Only Be Remembered for Being the First Black President

You can always tell when there’s a midterm or presidential election right around the corner. Many of the usual pests crawl out from the floor-boards and inject themselves into the discourse just long enough to sell a book or release another polemical documentary. Yesterday it was Michael Moore who leaned heavily on the over-worked “Disappointed in Obama” button — the same old narrow-minded whining we’ve heard over and over for the last six years.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about Moore’s Roger & Me, Moore was asked about whether Obama was telling the truth when he said he “saved Detroit.” Of course when the administration uses the phrase “saved Detroit,” it’s referring to the American auto-industry and not the city itself. But of course Moore deliberately took the phrase literally and said:

I wrote him a letter, and I said: Dear President Obama, God bless you, but you did not save Detroit. You saved General Motors. You saved Chrysler.

Well, that’s exactly what anyone means when they’re referring to “Detroit” in the context of the auto industry. Was he supposed to save the entire city? Is that a president’s job? Of course not, but that’s never stopped Moore and others from ginning up artificially lofty expectations for the Obama presidency. Saving the American auto industry is a massive success, but just because he didn’t save the entire city means he’s a big fat disappointment. Why? Because it’s the hip thing to do — to scold the president because he didn’t [fill in the blank] — I don’t know, he didn’t personally invent jetpacks made of bacon. Thanks, Obama. You might’ve rescued the economy from collapsing into a Second Great Depression, but nope, no bacon jetpacks. Disappointing.


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Morning Awesome

Neil Young – “Imagine”

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Who Done It?


Artist – Pat Bagley

In other news, Chris Christie now owns the distinction of having the greatest number of credit rating downgrades as a governor of New Jersey as Standard & Poor’s downgraded the state’s rating for an eighth time today.

The impending collapse of Atlantic City certainly won’t help.

I don’t necessarily believe this would disqualify Christie from running for president because, after all, a number of Republicans believe it would be okay — perhaps even beneficial — to default on the national debt and sacrifice America’s credit rating on the altar of Libertydumb.

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Congressional GOP Oppose Their Own Position on Syria


Congressional Republicans and conservative pundits have called on the White House to arm Syrian rebels for years, but now that President Obama is officially asking for authorization to do so, they oppose it.

According to the Associated Press, House Republicans have “rebuffed” President Obama’s request for approval to equip Syrian rebels in their fight against Assad and ISIS. The White House reportedly asked for the “authority to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian armed opposition to help defend the Syrian people from attacks by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and the Syrian regime.”

To understand why this is stupid as my choice of image above suggests, you have to understand that congressional Republicans from John McCain to Rand Paul have argued that we should arm the regional opposition.

You can go all the way back to the summer of 2012 and find former presidential candidate Mitt Romney calling for arming Syrian rebels.

You can go back even further to February of 2012 and find Lindsey Graham and John McCain calling for arming the Syrian rebels, but now that President Obama is prepared to do so they may no longer support it.

You could say that’s par for the course.

I expect the president will be given the congressional approval he’s seeking, but not before House Republicans and Senate Republicans stop playing grab-ass and settle the argument between the two chambers. There’s also a possibility that House Republicans will attach inappropriate and unncessary amendments or riders to any bill that authorizes the president’s actions which will delay final passage.

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Outreach: GOP State Senator Doesn’t Want Uneducated Black Voters


Instances of Republican politicians saying vaguely racist things and using code words like “Chicago politics” are fairly common, but this isn’t vague at all.

Georgia state Senator Fran Millar said that he would end Sunday voting in DeKalb County because the area is dominated by black people and black churches, and now he says he would rather have educated voters (read: not black) instead of more voters.

I would prefer more educated voters than a greater increase in the number of voters. If you don’t believe this is an efort [sic] to maximize Democratic votes pure and simple, then you are not a realist. This is a partisan stunt and I hope it can be stopped. Furthermore I don’t control where people are allowed to vote but am glad Brookhaven has been added for the last week.”

Millar says Democrats are “showing their hand” on how they plan to “boost their numbers” by, you know, allowing people to vote on Sundays.

I can think of far worse things to be accused of than being accused of making it easier for people to vote.

This is still America isn’t it? Aren’t we told from birth that men and women died so that we could have the right to vote?

Apparently that doesn’t apply if you’re black. Or at least Fran Millar thinks it shouldn’t apply.

The great irony is that the Republican party is essentially a regional party that is only kept alive by the bible belt of conservative church-goers. But those are white church-goers.

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